India wants to become a powerhouse in repairing electrical appliances

India has set another goal, which is not only to attract various big tech companies to manufacture their equipment, but also to become a center for repairing electrical appliances.

The country has launched a new pilot project, partnering with Lenovo, Bengaluru, Flex, CTDI and others to become an outsourced repair service. This is exactly what India is aiming for when offering its services and competing with both China and Malaysia in this segment.

India’s capital, New Delhi, aims to generate up to $20 billion in revenue over the next five years and create several million new jobs by offering repair services. Also, the goal is to offer a cheaper service and extend the life cycle of electrical equipment, because often repairs cost the same as new equipment. But it creates new waste.

It is already known that popular brands such as Apple and Samsung’s attention by offering its component manufacturing and equipment assembly services. And as the next step could be their repair, which would allow us to strengthen our positions for the realization of the goal.

2023-06-02 06:00:00

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