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Moscow. February 23. INTERFAX.RU – The leader of the Cherokee Indian people living in the United States, Chuck Hoskin Sr., has demanded that Jeep stop using the people’s name in the name of the car, CNN reported on Tuesday.

“I believe our country is at an age where companies should stop using Native American names, designs and totem animal names for their products.

In an interview with CNN, he stated that the Cherokee would not agree to any deal that would allow Jeep to continue using their name. “This is the most precious thing for us, this is part of our identity,” said the leader.

In response to Hoskin, the automaker said: “We choose the names of our vehicles carefully. For many years we have been concerned about honoring and honoring the Native peoples of America for their nobility, valor and pride.”

The Jeep Cherokee was produced from 1974 to 2001, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1993. In 2013, Jeep re-released a car called the Cherokee.

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