India’s Worst Heat Wave, Dozens of Birds Fall Every Day All

AHMEDABAD, – Dozens of birds in the Indian state of Gujarat fall every day from exhaustion and dehydration from the scorching heatwave.

The heatwave in the region has drained water sources in Gujarat State’s largest city, Ahmedabad, leaving birds short of water.

Reported Al JazeeraThursday (12/5/2022) the heat wave that hit this time was the hottest in decades.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has even warned of an increased risk of fires.

Doctors at a veterinary hospital run by the Jivdaya Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad said they had treated thousands of birds in recent weeks.

The doctors added that rescuers were carrying dozens of fallen birds such as pigeons or kites every day.

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“This year is one of the worst in recent times. We have seen a 10 percent increase in the number of birds that need to be rescued,” said Manoj Bhavsar, who works closely with the agency and has been rescuing birds for more than a decade.

Veterinarians at the hospital gave the birds multivitamin tablets and injected water into their mouths using a syringe.

Health officials in Gujarat have also issued an appeal to hospitals to set up special wards for heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses due to rising temperatures.

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Climate change

SAM PANTHAKY In this picture taken on May 3, 2022, Dr. Khyati Kapadiya cares for eagles at the Jivdaya Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad, India. The start of summer has brought record temperatures and made life miserable for both humans and animal life, with experts warning that climate change is making such conditions more intense and more frequent.

The extreme heat waves that have occurred in recent years cannot be separated from the consequences of global warming.

This was stated by leading experts in measuring the effects of climate change on extreme weather, said Wednesday (11/5/2022).

The burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests have released enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to cause global warming to get worse.

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As global warming becomes more severe, the intensity of floods, droughts, forest fires, and tropical storms, is also increasing, and is even more violent.

“There is no doubt that climate change is a huge game changer in terms of extreme heat,” Friederike Otto, a scientist at Imperial College London’s Grantham Institute, told AFP.

Summer extremes like the heatwave that gripped South Asia in March and April are already the deadliest extreme events.

“Every heat wave in the world is now getting stronger and more likely due to human-caused climate change,” Otto continued.

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