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SimThere are indications that the murder of Lakhbir Singh, a Dalit Sikh youth on the Ghu border, was more of a premeditated act than revenge for blasphemy. Earlier, it was reported that the tragic incident at a farmers’ protest site on the Singhu border was carried out by an armed avant-garde sect of Sikhism. Four Nihangs were arrested and remanded in judicial custody. There was widespread attempt to link the incident to the peasant agitation and thereby discredit the eleven-month-old peasant struggle. The Joint Kisan Morcha, which is spearheading the agitation, condemned the gruesome murder and demanded an investigation into the incident and punishing the perpetrators. From the very beginning of the agitation, the BJP’s central and Haryana governments and Sangh Parivar organizations had been constantly trying to crush it. Initially, the agitation was an attempt to make the Khalistanists anti-national.

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But with the advent of agrarian unity beyond religion, beliefs and locality, its edge was broken. An attempt was then made to place the blame on the farmers for the untoward incidents that took place on Republic Day. The Lakhimpur Kheri massacre took place against the backdrop of the failure of all attempts to overthrow the agitation and the agitation that garnered widespread support. The development of the Singh border should be analyzed in the context of the Lakhimpur massacre, which has become an embarrassment to the BJP, the Modi and Adityanath regimes. The Chandigarh-based Tribune newspaper yesterday reported that Lakhbir Singh’s assassination was the result of a pre – planned conspiracy to quell the peasant agitation. According to the Tribune, the Modi government has sought the help of Baba Aman Singh, the leader of a Nihang faction, to ‘end’ the peasant agitation. In late July, the Tribune published a picture of Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar receiving Baba Aman Singh in traditional attire. The Tribune has also released a picture of Union Agriculture Minister Kelash Chaudhary entertaining Aman Singh with a group of suspicious people at his official bungalow in Delhi. According to reports, Aman Singh’s Nihang group, with the support of a Sikh religious organization based in Ontario, Canada, tried to ‘end’ the peasant struggle.

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Various news analyzes also point to the history of some Nihang organizations serving as instruments of government coup missions at various stages. Doubts raised by the Tribune and other news organizations cannot be ignored when read in conjunction with the efforts made to date to subvert the peasant agitation. As states, including Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, approach the Assembly elections, there is unrest in the Modi administration and in BJP-Sangh Parivar circles. Opposition to the Modi government’s anti-farmer stance is growing within the BJP-Sangha Parivar camp itself. In this context, it becomes the need of the nation to unravel the conspiracy behind the incident on the Singh border. An honest and transparent investigation into the incident should change the general sentiment and need of the country.

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