Indictment of the mother of the girl allegedly raped in the prison parlor


A corridor of the Nîmes prison. – S. Thomas / AFP

In custody on Thursday, the mother of a 16-year-old girl was jailed and indicted for complicity in rape. She is suspected of having fostered rapes allegedly committed against her daughter when she visited her mother's ex-boyfriend at

He was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Gard Assize Court in 2013 for raping children under 15 years of age. A sentence confirmed by the Assize Court of Vaucluse in 2015.

Violated in the boxes of the parlor?

The girl was allegedly raped several years earlier, in the prison parlor, in boxes. After these accusations, the detainee was transferred to the Muret prison in Haute-Garonne. At the material time, the prison guards allegedly reported to their supervisor suspicious behavior of the detainee.


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