Home Business Individual conventional break up 4% in 2018

Individual conventional break up 4% in 2018

This "amicable divorce" is attracting more and more young people and employees.

Individual breakages are up 4% in 2018, according to Ministry of Labor figures. Launched more than ten years ago, this "amicable divorce" between an employee and his employer is actually much more common among young people and employees.

Those who choose – or who suffer because it can happen – this mode of termination of the contract of employment, are most often people under 40 years. And they are also overrepresented among employees. It is they, more than 50%, who sign conventional breaks. While they represent only a third of employees on permanent contracts.

Originally widely used by executives at the end of their career, the conventional break is now aimed more at young employees. Executives, if they are less concerned, derive more benefits: 0.31 months of salary per year of seniority, instead of 0.25 months for workers.

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