The Bishop of the Diocese of Agats, in the province of Papua in eastern Indonesia, ordained the first priest of the Asmat ethnic group. Bishop Aloysius Murwito also ordained three new deacons for the priesthood. Religious vocations are rare in this diocese because of a lack of minor seminary and because of the nomadic way of life of the Asmat minority. Last year in the region, 70 children died of measles or malnutrition.

Father Moses (Moses) Amiset is the first man of the Asmat ethnic group to be ordained a Catholic priest. It is a source of joy for the entire Catholic Church in Indonesia, but even more so for the diocese of Agats, in Papua, the most easterly province of the archipelago, whose population is predominantly Christian. The ordination ceremony took place on February 2 in the cathedral of Sainte-Croix d'Agats. The local bishop, Msgr. Aloysius Murwito …

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