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Indonesia has lost 114 doctors from coronavirus

by archyw

Indonesia reported the most deaths of 114 doctors from COVID-19 since the outbreak, and 545 doctors have died since the outbreak, fearing a problem in the health system. A rapidly growing catheter

Today (July 19, 2064) Reuters reported that The Indonesian Medical Association revealed that between 1-17 July ago. Doctors died of 114, the highest number ever recorded. during a similar period

That figure also accounts for more than 20 percent of the number of physician deaths. Since the beginning of the epidemic A total of 545 doctors have died, which this number covers only those who have been informed to the association only.

such a situation causing doctors in Indonesia to fear The health system may collapse. when medical personnel insufficient number and can no longer cope with the rapidly increasing number of patients On Sunday, Indonesia reported more than 44,000 more infections and 1,093 deaths in a single day.


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