Indonesia, US and South Africa record daily increases in corona cases

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ILLUSTRATION. Some people wear masks when they walk on the beach pier during the corona virus outbreak (COVID-19) at Oceanside, California, USA, June 22, 2020.

Source: South China Morning Post | Editor: SS Kurniawan

KONTAN.CO.ID – The United States (US), South Africa, and Indonesia set new records for daily increases in corona virus cases, with the number of Sam’s countries surpassing 50,000 cases per day for the first time.

Globally, until Thursday (2/7), there were more than 10.7 million cases of the corona virus and more than 516,000 people died from Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University calculations.

The US now reports nearly 2.7 million cases and more than 128,000 died from the corona virus. Wednesday (1/7), the US has 50,700 new infections, a new daily increase record, which they announced on Thursday (2/7).

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The increasing number of cases in California prompted Governor Gavin Newsom to close indoor bars, theaters and restaurants in most states ahead of the US July 4 Independence Day.

California with a population of around 30 million also includes Los Angeles County. “The point is that the spread of this virus continues at a very alarming rate,” Newsom was quoted as saying South China Morning Post.

California confirmed cases have increased by almost 50% in the past two weeks. Newsom said California had nearly 5,900 new cases and 110 deaths from the corona virus in just the past 24 hours.

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Infections also surged in many other states in the US, including Florida, Arizona and Texas. Florida recorded more than 6,500 new cases and South Florida closed the coast to prevent the July 4 crowd who could spread the virus further.



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