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Government Spokesperson for handling corona virus (Covid-19Achmad Yurianto said the recovery rate from corona virus infection in Indonesia was still lower than the figure recovery global.

Nationally, the percentage of cure rates is at 44 percent, while the percentage of the global level is at 54.23 percent.

“Nationally, 44 percent, the global figure is still higher, some countries that have already faced this problem can indeed cure it higher, but for those who just started [pandemi] it’s like Brazil, it’s still far away [angkanya] below us, “explained Yuri at BNPB, Thursday (2/7).

Although still below the global average, Yuri reminded that at the district level the percentage of recovery could be above the 70 percent.

Yuri had previously detailed several provinces with a cure rate above 80 percent, such as Yogyakarta 85.3 percent, Riau Islands 81.6 percent, Bangka Belitung 86.8 percent, West Kalimantan 81 percent, and Gorontalo 80.2 percent.

The increase in the percentage of recovery rates, said Yuri, was due to two factors, namely the optimization of hospital care and community response in implementing health protocols in a pandemic situation.

“Hospital service burden, one of which is the national average occupancy rate of 55.5 percent, means resources such as health workers and equipment can provide optimal care, secondly we see that the public is better at responding to a pandemic situation,” he explained.

Yuri further urged residents not to have to worry if they run CoVid-19 treatment at the hospital, because the hospital care services for CoVid-19 are getting better.

“Don’t be afraid, the treatment service is getting better now the recovery rate is higher, so if any of our relatives are treated for and positive with Covid-19, this is not the end of everything,” he concluded.

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