Indra and Oryon Universal Sign Collaboration Agreement for Technological Entrepreneurship and Talent Recovery Initiatives

Indra, a global technology and consulting company, and Oryon Universal, a boutique investment ecosystem for startups, have signed a collaboration agreement whose objective is to explore opportunities in the field of technological entrepreneurship and, additionally, in the recovery of talent through entrepreneurship of initiatives.

The alliance contemplates the formalization of each specific collaboration opportunity that the parties decide, through specific agreements. For the development of the different initiatives, the analysis and concretion of these, a coordination commission made up of members of the two companies will be formed.

According to the latest edition of the ‘EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard’ ranking of the European Commission (EC), Indra was the first Spanish company and the second most prominent European company in the European innovation framework program Horizon 2020, the main instrument to promote policies and financing of R+D+i and technological development in Europe since 2014. The company has established itself as one of the most innovative companies in its sector in Europe for investment in R+D+i and in 2020 received the National Award of Innovation.

Indraventures is the company’s corporate vehicle for promoting Open Innovation and intrapreneurship. Indraventures channels the relationship with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, working on the development of the network of collaborations and investments in startups, and thus seeking to reinforce the portfolio and technological differentiation of the company.

In the words of Manuel Ausaverri, Indra’s Director of Strategy, Innovation and Cabinet, “we are very happy to have closed this agreement with Oryon Universal. Oryon complements us very well from his role as a business advisor and investor very close to the startup ecosystem and also from his social side where, through the Oryon Foundation, he supports people at risk of social and/or professional exclusion through entrepreneurship” .

For his part, the CEO of Oryon Universal, Víctor Giné, stated that “thanks to this agreement, and in order to collaborate in the identification of business opportunities within the field of startups, Oryon Universal becomes a partner of a of the most important technology companies in the country. We are also very grateful to Indra for the support they give to our foundation, Oryon Foundation, which works every day to recover talent through entrepreneurship, training and training people at risk of social and/or professional exclusion so that They can develop their own projects.

2023-06-01 06:25:33

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