Industry announces a line of non-reimbursable loans to help the productive fabric

The First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation, Francisco Conde, announced yesterday that the Xunta is preparing a new line of non-reimbursable loans to “help the productive fabric from the point of view of financing”.

In an interview on Radio Galega, the first vice president explained that this new line of aid is added “to those that are already underway.” “There is already an immediate response,” he reaffirmed.

Thus, Conde acknowledged that there is a situation of “great difficulty and, given this, “financial availability is going to be decisive so that the productive fabric can meet its needs.”

In addition, he pointed out that the objective of the regional administration is “to anticipate a very complicated context for companies and the self-employed” with a situation of inflation that, he added, “is generating many liquidity tensions” and because “the advance of the increase in Interest rates can also have a major impact on financial needs.

Along these same lines, he explained that the Xunta is working on this “anticipation” to “give answers” that, he assured, companies ask of them. Specifically, “on investment issues so that they can meet these financing needs and to face the difficulties in the face of inflation.”

insufficient measures

On the other hand, Conde has criticized that the central government “does not take measures” to control inflation, while the Xunta “is with the most vulnerable.” “Especially with families and SMEs that need less fiscal pressure and more availability from the point of view of resources, be they financial or direct aid,” she defended.

In this sense, he lamented that the measures taken by the Pedro Sánchez Executive so far are “insufficient” and criticized that “they are not controlling the escalation of prices.”

For this reason, he urged the central government to act “immediately” with “useful measures” because, “if this is not the case”, he continued, there will be a scenario “not only of rising prices, but also of rising interest rates and therefore a very complex scenario”.

The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, also complained yesterday about the management of the central government, who criticized the slowness in the execution of the Next Generation Funds, “an opportunity that should be historic.” “I think that the 70,000 million euros of the first part should be enough to satisfy projects throughout Spain,” he said.

The president also censured that of the perte only more than six billion euros have been summoned. “All the communities agree that instead of centralizing everything, they should have been decentralized to streamline them,” he defended.