Industry, Pama di Rovereto sold to the Japanese Nidec Machine Tool Corporation – Economy

TENT. The shareholders of Pama spa based in Rovereto, in Trentino, have signed a contract for thefull sale of the company at the Nidec Machine Tool Corporationcompany of Japanese group Nidec Corporation listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, group it occupies 114 thousand workerswith a consolidated turnover exceeding 13 billion euros, operating in various sectors.

Pama has been one of the leading Italian companies in the sector for over 90 years machine tools, manufacturer of large boring machines and machining centres, operating with its subsidiaries in the main markets of Europe, the USA and Asia. Nidec’s plan, with the acquisition of Pama – reads a note – is to create a large group with the Japanese Nidec Machine Tool Corporation formerly Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Tool Co.LTD, manufacturer of boring machines and machining centers, and with OKK Corporation, Nidec OKK Corporation in the USA, with production, commercial and technical assistance bases present in the main markets of Asia, the USA and Europe. For Pama – the note continues – joining a large international group represents an important development opportunity in a global market with significant repercussions both in terms of employment and investments and commercial penetration.

The shareholders also ensure continuity in fruitful relations with the community, and in the supervision of economic and employment implications for the Trentino area.