The fault with no luck, or more precisely "Heavy rain" fallen in recent weeks. Marseille's mayor spoke of the weather as a possible explanation for Monday's collapse of two buildings, which killed at least seven people. If the subject laughed, we would write that the municipality has released the umbrella. Except that it is to cry so much the responsibility of the elected officials, especially the first of them, is engaged. The report submitted in 2015 to the city, in which Release has plunged, is overwhelming for Jean-Claude Gaudin, mayor since 1995. His diagnosis is clear: 100,000 Marseillais live in homes whose state represents a risk to their health or safety. About one in eight inhabitants. It's enormous. A report "Supporter" accuses the former minister of Jacques Chirac, decidedly disarming. The text in question was written by five recognized experts. The reality is much more cruel. There was in Marseilles no meteorological-left plot, but an indefensible municipal inertia. It is all the more culpable that the mayor, again contrary to what asserts Jean-Claude Gaudin, has the technical and legal tools to intervene on these slums. Paris, for example, has gotten used to it. Renovating such a park of unhealthy buildings is not done in a snap of fingers. It is a long-term task, expensive, complicated, as the interlocutors are multiple. But time or money, Jean-Claude Gaudin had, or knew how to find some to carry out other projects, more prestigious. They have contributed, it must be admitted, to the influence of his city. This is the proof that the mayor of a metropolis like Marseille is not weak to act. Where he decides to do it. And that it is a political choice.

Paul Quinio


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