“Inexpensive”, “Your thigh is strange”, “It does not go at all!”, Kim Kardashian unveils her new lingerie collection and makes a huge flop!

This is called a failed launch… This Friday, February 3, 2023, Kim Kardashian was quite proud to post pictures on her Instagram account where she poses with new models from her lingerie brand Skims, a collection very “Valentine’s Day”. We see the 42-year-old Business-Girl, on the floor of her huge dressing room with “mirror selfies” effects, in three shots with this caption: “Shop @skims Valentines Collection”. The fuchsia of her lingerie looks wonderful on her tanned skin… but that surely wasn’t enough to seduce her subscribers! The main complaint? A very “cheap” aspect of this very ruffled model! “Looks so cheap…”, “Doesn’t seem too well cut”, “Looks like something you’d buy from Shein for $9 honestly”, “This stuff looks cheap as hell”can we read in particular in the avalanche of criticism that accompanies his post.

“Valentine’s Day looks are a flop every year”

Extra drop of water? Internet users find that she does not wear her model well! “Now if it doesn’t look good on you Kimmie…you think it’s gonna look like what normal people look like on us” ? Badly cut, constricted chest and “twisted” poses, the remarks continue: “It feels incredibly uncomfortable”, “The fit is so odd“not to mention that the NSFW cut is one of them”annoying”. Referring to creations from years past, one person even writes: “Valentine’s Day looks are a flop every year. It’s embarassing.”

Recently, Kim’s sister, Khloé, and her brother, Kendall Jenner, decided to unveil some of this new lingerie in photos on their respective Instagrams. It featured high-waisted style panties in shades of pink, red and white, a pale pink lace thong and a very sexy bodysuit with cutout details on the front. However, although Kim’s siblings were impressed with the lingerie Skims, the fans themselves, have completely shunned her! A comment on their accounts sums up the state of mind well: “These granny panties look like they came straight from Wal-Mart!”

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