Infamous phone call could embroil Donald Trump in even more trouble

At the same time that Donald Trump has to explain possible sloppiness with secret papers, pressure is increasing in an investigation into the 2020 Georgia election.

Parts of the January 2 telephone conversation between US President Donald Trump and party leader Brad Raffensperger were played during hearings in a congressional investigation this summer.

16. aug. 2022 16:09

Last updated yesterday 18:13

On January 2, 2021, Donald Trump called Brad Raffensperger in Atlanta. Trump’s party colleague was the election director in the state of Georgia, and he had an inkling of what was coming. That’s why he recorded the call. Trump’s words soon reverberated around the world.

Trump warned the party that he was taking a “big risk” by not accepting the allegations of cheating and that Trump had won. Georgia was one of a few states where the election was on the horizon in the fall of 2020.

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