Infantino points to the controversial “One Love” bandage in a photo

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When the German national team lost 2-1 to Japan on Wednesday, the focus of the World Cup in Qatar was once again not just on sport. Before the game, the DFB-Elf posed in the team photo with their hand in front of their mouth. The Germans were protesting against the ban on the “One Love” bandage, which Captain Manuel Neuer actually wanted to wear.

However, the players were not the only ones who campaigned against this controversial ban by FIFA. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser took off her jacket before the game to reveal the “One Love” armband she wore on her arm. Faeser then sat next to Gianni Infantino, of all people, who, as head of FIFA, is responsible for the ban. Particularly explosive: On Thursday, a picture made the rounds on the Internet in which Infantino pointed to the controversial bandage.

What is behind this photo? At a post-match press conference, Faeser said that she and the FIFA boss did indeed discuss the armband. “He approached me and asked if that was the bandage,” said the German interior minister. She said yes and then asked: “And it’s not as bad as you think, is it?”

Faeser also says she told Infantino that she saw FIFA’s decision as a big mistake. The two then talked about the whole situation. “We had an exchange about it. I still believe that it was the right signal – for openness, for diversity, against discrimination, right there next to him in the stadium in Qatar,” said Faeser. (dab)

The FIFA Executive Committee 2010 and its machinations

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The FIFA Executive Committee 2010 and its machinations

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