Infants belonging to Illinois develops Coronavirus Patient Fever, It is Tested, Family Says – NBC Chicago t

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What to Know

  • At least 21 people were under investigation for possible coronary virus exposure in Illinois from Thursday, state health officials said
  • There are two in Illinois among the six declared cases in the United States.
  • The latest Chicago case is the first case involving a one-to-one spread in the United States.

Chicago’s daughter’s daughter who has been diagnosed with a coronavirus has had a fever and is being tested for the virus, family members told NBC News.

The child and other family members who were closely involved with the man were isolated after the recent diagnosis. The infant was taken to a district hospital after developing his fever, although it is unclear whether the child had any other symptoms and that the cause of the fever was not clear.

At least 21 people were under investigation for possible coronary virus exposure in Illinois from Thursday, state health officials said.

The child’s grandfather announced this week the second person who tested positive for the state and the first case of one-to-one transmission in the United States, health officials announced. Diagnosed with the man’s wife, who traveled to Wuhan, China – the epicenter of the recent outbreak – that she had a coronary virus last week.

“This is a rapidly changing situation and the status of individuals will change as we investigate,” said Dr. Ngozi O. Ezike, director of Illinois Public Health Department.

The two were in “close contact” before the virus was spread, health officials said. They were both hospitalized in Hoffman Estates.

“This may be worrying, but based on what we now know, our assessment is that the immediate risk to the American community is low,” said Robert Redfield with the CDC.

The woman was diagnosed with the virus following her return to the United States. Earlier this month she began to suffer symptoms including fever and lack of breath.

“She had a very limited movement outside her house” after returning from China, public health officials said, and did not accept public transit or attended any major meetings.

“Again, this is not widely spread in communities and it is believed that the community is at low risk,” said Jennifer Layden, Illinois state epidemiologist.

Still, DuPage County health officials said Wednesday that they were in contact with residents who might be exposed to a Chicago lady, saying that some residents meet the definition of people under investigation and who is currently being tested. ”

“It is a matter of concern but we are not thinking it is a panic or alarm,” said Karen Ayala, Executive Director of DuPage County Health Department, adding that the “general population is at low risk.”

The department refused to give numbers on how many people were contacted, but said that members of the public had “some contact” with the Chicago woman.

“In a county of one million, it is a small number of people,” Ayala said.

While many questions remain to be answered on the new virus, such as how quickly it expands, the CDC said that it expected some cases to develop one-to-one.

The latest diagnosis gives the total number of cases in the US to six, although the other five patients traveled to the hardest part in China before they became ill.

Coronavirus certified cases

The Indiana Department of Health and the Disease and Control Centers issued a statement on Tuesday indicating that they had identified a person who may be infected with the new coronavirus.

“A final diagnosis remains with the results of laboratory tests to be performed by the CDC,” the statement reads. “From an abundance of warnings, the individual was placed alone and is currently under medical supervision.”

The virus has already killed more than 200 people and has infected nearly 10,000 worldwide, leading to travel warnings and airport screening in many countries.

British Airways has stopped all flights to China and American Airlines stopped flights from Los Angeles to Shanghai and Beijing. Delta Airlines announced Friday, he arranged for all flights to China that start flying at the beginning of next week – suspended through April – due to ongoing concerns about coronavirus.

Citizens from the United States and European countries have evacuated from the middle of China because of concerns about the virus.



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