Doctor Yi Fan and Doctor Hu Weifeng, two doctors from Wuhan, the cradle of the coronavirus epidemic, contracted the disease last January while treating patients at the city’s central hospital. They were both working with Dr. Li Wenliang, one of the first doctors to issue an alert on the coronavirus and who himself died in early February.

Aged 42, they were quickly placed on ECMO (oxygenation by extracorporeal membrane), a machine that provides respiratory and cardiorespiratory assistance to patients whose hearts and / or lungs can no longer function properly. As their conditions began to improve painfully, the two doctors developed a strange symptom. According to information from the Daily Mail, Chinese media reports that their skins have darkened considerably. This change in their skin color would be due to a hormonal imbalance caused by a dysfunction of the liver probably due to the treatments administered to fight the disease.

After 39 days on EMCO, Doctor Yi gradually regained consciousness and successfully combated the disease. He is still hospitalized and under surveillance. Doctor Hu, for his part, had to stay almost 100 days on EMCO and is still in intensive care. According to their doctor, their skins should regain their usual colors when their livers are in better condition.


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