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INFECTÓLOGO – Feris Iglesias: RD would have more severe cases of dengue in this year

The infectious pediatrician, Dr. Jesus Feris Iglesias, warned that in this year 2019, we could expect much more serious cases of dengue in the country than in previous years.

"If a person has already been affected with a type of dengue and then returns to be affected by the disease, one of the three types of dengue of the four existing, would be more complex to treat and much harder to cure," he explained. the infectious disease

Dr. Feris Iglesias, director of infectology at the Children's Hospital Robert Reid Cabral, when interviewed by journalist Johanna Parra, in the program Detail Weekly, said that they are currently receiving more than 10 to 12 children a day suspected of dengue and have about 15 children interned, which represents a thermometer of the rapid expansion of the epidemic in the country.

The infectious pediatrician said that currently the dengue is in its time of greatest effervescence in the Dominican Republic, so he called on the health authorities of the country to conduct mass prevention campaigns and strengthen the surveillance of these diseases.

"They used to say that mosquitoes proliferate in rainy weather, but that's not the case anymore, because mosquitoes spread in stored water containers and the drought leads people to store water for their subsistence and daily use."

The doctor said that it is urgent in the Dominican Republic to work with health prevention, since every day people are born and children become adults and that is why the message must be permanent.

The expert in infectious disease indicated that until the government is not aware of the need to invest in health and health prevention, we could not have a healthy population and eradicate epidemiological diseases such as Dengue and other diseases.

The doctor also criticized that currently wants to amend in the National Congress the Law that regulates the Social Security System, since according to him, even this has not been applied in its entirety and is not being enforced.

The Law mandates deconcentration to hospitals, but what has been done is two parallel ministries, the Ministry of Public Health on the one hand with a minister and the National Health Service, with a general director, who has not done the work that they correspond Argument

"The hospitals must each have an administration council that designates a medical director, and an administrative director; We have not sectorized, nor regionalized health, there is no registry of medical signatures, nor numbering and we continue with the obsolete execuatur and an absurd internship, everything continues as before without receiving the real changes and transformations, so what we need is not a new law is the application of what we have, "said Dr. Iglesias.



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