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A woman recounted through her TikTok account how she surprised her husband with another person. However, and after her suspicions due to the strange behavior of her spouse, the Internet user not only realized that she was unfaithful to him, but that cheated on her with a man.

Marisela Ruíz Sinaloa, from Mexico, made the decision to follow her husband after he left the restaurant where he worked, because the man assured her that he had to work overtime, a situation that she did not believe.

Ruíz’s husband left accompanied by another man and she followed them to your place of destination: a motel away from your home and workplace.

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At first, Ruíz thought that at any moment two women would arrive to accompany her husband and the alleged co-worker. But that never happened and Sinaloa got a confused and uncomfortable surprise.

I said, obviously they are going to drink, they go with some old women. I swear to you that nothing ever crossed my mind between them

The woman decided to enter the motel and not have any doubts, so she realized that her husband and the man she was with requested the same room, as she told it on her TikTok account.

After that, Ruíz decided to go in to catch him red-handed and came across the news that her husband was being unfaithful to her, but not with a woman but with another man.

“I said, obviously they are going to drink, they go with some old women. I swear to you that nothing ever crossed my mind between them, ”commented Ruíz in his anecdote.

The husband, without anything else to say, ended up accepting that he was gay and that he had been dating that subject for a long time. After the fact, both decided to end seven years of marriage and divorced.

“After discovering my husband’s infidelity, I began to enter a stage of anxiety and I heard a voice that told me: ‘hurt yourself’, and I tried to take my own life. I had to go to the psychiatrist because I thought I would never get over the fact that my partner had been unfaithful to me with a man.”

Although Ruíz had to attend various therapies to overcome the deception, She currently gets along well with her ex-husband and with the two daughters they both have.

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Did you ever suspect that your husband was gay?

Ruíz assured that she never suspected or imagined that her husband was gay, because he was not effeminate nor did he have homosexual attitudes. However, he did like to help Sinaloa get ready, comb her hair and even put on makeup.

“He really liked helping me fix it and I just thought: since I didn’t like to do it, then he looked for ways for me to do it,” Ruíz said in the video posted on his TikTok account.

According to Ruíz, it took her a long time to make up for her husband’s homosexuality and infidelity. After a while, she achieved it and currently she is very active on her social networks, talking about it and advising women who have experienced a disappointment in love.

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