Inflation in June was 1.6% and reached 13.1% in the year, according to Ferreres

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On the other hand, the core inflation advanced at a pace monthly of 1.9%, marking an increase of 44.1% annually.

The CPI-OJF (GBA) accelerated moderately again compared to last month. As for the main items, Clothing exhibited a 6.5% monthly increase, while Household equipment and operation did so by 5.2%.

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Likewise, Leisure grew 2.5% monthly, while Housing increased 0.9%.

On the other hand, Food and beverages recorded a 0.9% advance and moderated slightly in relation to the dynamics observed during the previous month.

As for the regulated goods and services, these registered a variation of 0.3% monthly throughout June, while the seasonal ones showed a rise of 3.4% monthly.



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