Inflight entertainment aircraft cabin display – Arc™ – PANASONIC AVIONICS CORPORATION

Panasonic’s 3D Integrated Mobile Maps application is designed to enrich the travel experience for passengers. What we do By providing premium POI content, passengers are invited to participate in the travel experience, not just be on a “ride.” Through the Arc™ omnichannel application, airlines can promote fully customizable destination services and tailored advertising and promotions, taking advantage of the unique monetization opportunities of the high visibility associated with the mapping platform. Improved passenger experience Personalize the map experience and provide premium information and entertainment enabled by geolocation Improve operational efficiency Automate and quickly adjust geographic content with new tools and services that make maps more dynamic with less effort Generate new business Take advantage of the high number of eyes on maps by displaying destination services, promotions and affiliate programs on the map How we do it Arc brings a wide range of new and innovative features to the traditional map application of inflight, expanding the concept into a fully integrated inflight entertainment experience across our entire portfolio of solutions. We are changing the approach to in-flight mapping by providing a versatile mapping platform and tools for airlines to deliver a great mapping experience, while maximizing their mapping investment.