Influencer Bruno K. is said to be a deadbeat and a serial rapist

After running over a boy, more crimes come to light

Bruno K. is an influencer, totraser and is said to be a serial rapist

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After a fatal accident comes out:

Influencer is said to be a mass rapist

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Sep 18, 2022 at 9:27 am

Bruno K. is a model and influencer. In Brazil he’s kind of a celebrity. He is also a dead racer and suspected serial rapist. This became known after he hit and killed a 16-year-old on his motorcycle without a driver’s license. RTL reporter Isabel Bures spoke to the boy’s mother, who had to watch the terrible accident helplessly – in the video.

Joao’s mother: “It was the darkest night of my life”


Mariana Cardim de Lima mit ihremSohn Joao.

Mariana Cardim de Lima is traveling with her son Joao in Barra da Tijuca near Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of August. The two want to cross a street when Bruno K.’s motorcycle speeds up at about 150 kilometers per hour.

The 25-year-old’s machine hit the boy, the impact was so violent that his leg was torn off. It is found 50 meters away, reports the TV station “O Globo”. The 16-year-old is taken to a clinic, but help comes too late. He succumbs to his severe injuries.

His mother finds it difficult to talk about the shocking event. “It was very traumatic for me. It was the darkest night of my life,” she says. The doctor Priscilla de Paula is on hand as a first aider. She reports: “The mother was in complete despair and Joao was unconscious and was initially unresponsive.” She performed a heart massage, Joao regained consciousness. Despite his serious injuries, he calmed his mother down and promised her that everything would be fine.

After the accident, Bruno K. posts a jammer video on Instagram

Statements from eyewitnesses suggest that Totraser K. was driving at around 150 kilometers per hour when he caught Joao. The speed limit on the road is 60 km/h. In addition, the influencer does not have a driver’s license. And apparently no conscience either, because after the accident he posted a video on Instagram. In it he complains about his injuries and that he was treated badly in the hospital. “I had to wait three hours. (…) They called me a murderer. But I didn’t do anything wrong at all.”

Only a few days before the incident, K. had been caught with the heavy machine without a driver’s license and had to pay a fine of 800 euros. That doesn’t stop him from rushing around recklessly.

Bruno K. is threatened with 20 years in prison for the intentional killing of Joao

The case is making waves in Brazil, with many broadcasters and newspapers reporting extensively. This makes it known that Bruno K. has been accused of a number of crimes. It’s about sex crimes and fraud. The scale is staggering.

“The fact that Bruno K. was reported in the media meant that other women also went to the police and reported him,” explains police spokesman Leandro Gontijo. In total, he is said to have raped at least 40 women.

K. is currently in custody. He faces up to 20 years imprisonment for killing Joao. In addition, there could be many more, depending on the outcome of the police investigation into dozens of rape allegations. (howl)