Influencers would pay taxes at Morena’s proposal

The bench of Morena presented an initiative before the Permanent Commission so that the influencers they pay taxes when they profit from content that they spread through social networks.

The initiative was presented by the deputy of MorenaMaría del Rosario Merlín García, so that article 32 BIS of the Federal Consumer Protection Law is added, with which it is sought that influencerswhether youtubers or video bloggers or anyone who obtains an economic benefit from their accounts with digital platforms, mainly Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Tik Tok.

The objective, explains the initiative, seeks to regulate misleading advertising that is usually disguised as content of influencers.

Taxes on influencers is to regulate misleading advertising

However, the proposal of

indicates that the influencers what would they pay taxes are those that meet certain requirements:

“In order for a digital image creator to be equated to an audiovisual communication service, they must meet the following minimum requirements: be an economic service; the provider must bear editorial responsibility for the content it offers; it must be a service aimed at the general public; the function of the contents must be mainly to inform, entertain or educate; its main purpose will be the provision of programs, and those programs must be audiovisual and must be provided through electronic communications networks, ”reads the statement.

from Morena.

The legislator of Morena explains in the document that the objective of paying taxes is that in most cases the content of influencers is to subliminally deliver an advertising message from the sponsors.

The project details that misleading advertising is going to be regulated, since in the content of many channels of the

they have public repercussions with notorious cases such as “promotion of anorexia, gambling or even drug addiction”.

“The most immediate repercussion as providers of audiovisual communication is that image creators will have to fine-tune their messages so as not to incur significant economic sanctions.”