Influenza vaccine protects against Alzheimer’s according to new …

In a large epidemiological study, American researchers have seen that the incidence of Alzheimer’s is clearly lower among older people who have been vaccinated against the flu than among older people who have not.

Influenza vaccine, of course, protects against influenza.

But not only that – but also against Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers in Texas.

They believe that a single vaccine injection means a clearly reduced risk for the elderly to suffer from dementia – but the more you take, the better.

Bengt Winblad, professor of geriatrics at Karolinska Institutet, thinks that the study has both strengths and weaknesses.

– It may provide guidance for a future combination treatment, he says.

Every year, about 15,000 people in Sweden suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, according to the Dementia Association. There is no cure.

Exercising regularly, sleeping properly and eating lots of fruits and vegetables are usually cited as protective factors.