Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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INFO CLOSER. Why Laeticia Hallyday must quickly return to Los Angeles

According to our exclusive information, Laeticia Hallyday faces urgent requests from the US administration. After receiving a reprieve, Jade and Joy’s mother must absolutely return to the United States to comply.
Since the death of Johnny Hallyday in Marnes-la-Coquette on the night of December 5th to 6th, Laeticia Hallyday tries to cope. After the funeral in France then those to St. Bartholomew The mother of Jade and Joy had wanted to take a rest on the sublime island of the West Indies. But now, the family must resolve to leave this haven of peace, this necessary parenthesis after the tragedy, to return to the United States . In addition to the need give her two girls back to school , Laeticia must solve an administrative problem in Los Angeles, according to the magazine’s information Closer to be published this 12th of January. The pretty blonde is forced by US immigration services to return to the territory. The little family should have returned since November 28th. But his cancer getting worse, Johnny Hallyday had decided to put his suitcases in France with the rest of his clan. He had asked for a reprieve to be able to spend his last hours surrounded by his relatives. December 6th Johnny Hallyday die. Since, Laeticia is installed with Jade and Joy in St. Barthelemy where they had their habits and where the singer decided to rest for eternity. The young woman is resting there, trying to rebuild herself. But she knows it: life will never be like before and will land in its large home. In front of the sea, Laeticia try to be strong and dignified for her daughters who need their mother. A return on the side of Pacific Palisades is imminent for the beautiful family, a return that will sound like a return to reality that Laeticia wanted to escape as long as possible. HOW TO BUY CLOSER? Your magazine is on sale from Friday, January 12 in newsstands, on Android , sure iPad and on KiosqueMag .

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