Infonavit offers new financing options

They indicated that they will modernize their institutional portal and improve the quality of the care it provides, facilitating access to the different housing solutions offered by Infonavit.


OAXACA, Oaxaca. Infonavit will be 50 years old and announced that to celebrate it will grant the working class of Mexico more financing options, improving existing schemes and putting an end to the increase in debt of credits denominated in Times Minimum Wage (VSM).

They also indicated that they will modernize their institutional portal and improve the quality of the care it provides, facilitating access to the different housing solutions offered by Infonavit.

The anniversary is in the month of May, but throughout the year they will make available new products and solutions that help to have the home that best suits tastes and needs.

What will these products and solutions be?

  • Credit for the acquisition of residential land. Not everyone wants to buy a new or existing house, for those who prefer to use your Infonavit Credit to buy land and build a house completely to their liking, this year they will launch a financing product to do so.
  • Credit refinancing. If you have already bought your house with an Infonavit Credit and you still haven’t finished paying it, but you need more money to make an improvement or extension to your home, Infonavit lends it to you. Between April and June, this financing option will be announced.
  • Payment of liabilities. Last year Infonavit lowered its interest rate to a level between 1.91% and 10.45%, so if you already have a mortgage with a bank, with another financial institution or even with Infonavit, you can pay it with a loan that grant the Infonavit in which you pay less interest and your monthly payment is lower. This alternative will be ready and will be made available in the second half of this year.
  • Housing self-production. In this administration, ConstruYO Infonavit was launched, a loan so that they have the necessary money to build their home on land that they already own. In 2022, Infonavit will have more options similar to this product, so you can choose the one that suits you best and suits your needs.
  • Extension, repair and improvement. If what you are looking for is to make improvements to your home, expand it or repair it and you have not decided to apply for Mejoravit, wait a bit because this year Infonavit will launch a product that helps cover these needs, but with better financial conditions.

Goodbye to the increase in your debt with the Single Window for Shared Responsibility

If in previous years you processed an Infonavit Credit denominated in Times Minimum Salary (VSM), you should know that each year the amount of your debt and your monthly payments are adjusted depending on the annual increase in salary, the Unit of Measurement and Update or the new mechanism of adjustment that we recently created in the Institute, depending on the one that registers a smaller increase so as not to affect your economy.

However, infonavit wants to put an end to these adjustments, so this year it will create the Single Window for Shared Responsibility, so that you can convert your credit in VSM to pesos and that your debt and monthly payments do not suffer any increase again.

When will these products and solutions be ready and how to access them?

They explained that keeping informed of all the news they have for this year is much easier than you imagine. “Subscribe to our weekly newsletter through My Infonavit Account ( -which acts as your electronic banking- and Infonavit Partner ( -our discount platform where you can obtain benefits in restaurants, shops and day-to-day consumption-«.

You can consult Infonavit Fácil (, a site created especially for you, where you can find a clear and simple solution to all your doubts related to the Institute, the products, services and programs it offers, how to access them, the requirements to process them and much more.