Ingulets – Vorskla – 2: 2. Text broadcast of the match

Ukrainian Premier League. 15th round.

Ingulets – Vorskla – 2: 2

Bartulovich, 21 (pen), Sitchinava, 62 – Stepanyuk, 48, Kulach, 76 (pen)

Sitchinava, 17, Kucherenko, 38, Kid, 95, Balan, 96 – Chelyadin, 59, Yavorsky, 63, Putslin, 90

“Ingulec”: Kid, Kvassny, Kucherenko, Kovalev, Balan, Bartulovich, Kozak (Sinegub, 89), Zaporozhets (Seytkhalilov, 94), Shishka, Kovalenko (Schedry, 65), Sitchinava

Subs: Krynsky, Pavlov, Seytkhalilov, Belotserkovets, Generous, Synegub

Vorskla: Riznyk, Chesnakov, Yavorsky, Alyun, Perduta, Sklyar, Tsitaishvili (Chelyadin, 58), Putzlin, Till (Kravchuk, 69), Kane, Kulach, Stepanyuk (De Neuer, 80)

Substitutes: Tkachenko, Alyun, de Neuer Kravchuk, Chelyadin, Sapay, Luisao

Arbitrator: Dmitry Bondarenko, Odessa

Stadium: “Vorskla them. Butovsky “

Our estimates:

Ingulets (substitutions): Generous – 5.5, Sinegub – b / o, Seytkhalilov – b / o.

Vorskla (replacements): Chelyadin – 5.5, Kravchuk – b / o, De Neuer – b / o.


96 minutes Balan was rude to his opponent.

95 minutes The kid is awarded the first yellow in the UPL.

94 minutes Seytkhalilov instead of Zaporozhets.

90 minutes +5 minutes are added by the referee.

90 minutes Puzlin treated his opponent inappropriately.

89 minutes Synegub instead of Kozak.

86 minutes Poltava residents are attacking with the whole front.

83 minutes Sitchinaw’s legs are freezing – they played rough against one of the best in today’s match.

80 minutes De Neuer instead of Stepaniuc.

79 minutes Vorskla wants to score more. In attacks Poltava.

76 minutes GOOOAAAL! The fist spreads the ball and the Kid in different angles – 2: 2.

74 minutes A strange penalty is appointed by the referee, who saw a foul on Stepanyuk after a corner.

71 minutes A fist struck the wall from a free-kick, and on the second try Kid took the ball.

68 minutes Kravchuk changed Till.

65 minutes Generous instead of Kovalenko

63 minutes Yavorsky fouled on Sitchinava.

62 minutes GOOOAAAL! Zaporozhets from the center of the field gave to Sitchinava, Nika held out the ball, rocked Yavorsky and shot into the far corner – 2: 1!

59 minutes And then Chelyadin was awarded a mustard plaster. The midfielder fell in the opponent’s penalty area, but the referee considered this to be emulation.

58 minutes Chelyadin replaced Tsitaishvili.

54 minutes Sklar from the right flank shot at Kulach, but the ball did not reach Vladislav.

51 minutes The nominal guests wanted to repeat a similar free kick, but Ingulets’s defense read the opponent’s intentions.

48 minutes GOOOAAAL! Till hung from a free-kick, Chesnakov threw on Stepanyuk and Ruslan with the left was accurate – 1: 1!

47 minutes The teams exchanged attacks, but no shots on goal.



45 minutes + 2 minutes to the main time of the first half.

43 minutes Moment!! Kid! Young keeper saves after hitting his head Tsitaishvili!

41 minutes Dangerously! Canet served, and Kulach struck his head a little past the gate.

38 minutes Kucherenko held Kulach back.

36 minutes Almost the entire game is in the center of the field. But the transfer of Kane to Kulach was inaccurate.

33 minutes Some kind of felling in the field. Two players from Petrovsky on the lawn.

30 min. Till and Tsitaishvili are active on the flanks near Vorskla, while Ingulets has all the defense and Sitchinava.

27 minutes Vorskla included Barcelona. Maximov’s team kept the ball for a long time. But it didn’t come to blow.

24 minutes Petrovsky again at the gates of Poltava residents. Gave them a wing.

21 minutes GOOOAAAL! Bartulovich shot into the lower right corner from himself, Riznyk did not reach a little – 1: 0.

20 minutes. Penalty! Sklar in his penalty area touched Sitchinava’s leg with spikes and the referee pointed to the spot without hesitation.

17 minutes Sitchinava took down Riznyk and received a yellow card.

16 minutes Smooth play at the stadium in Poltava. Formal guests are a little more active.

13 minutes Kovalenko shot into the shots of Riznyk’s goal – an easy ball for the goalkeeper.

10 minutes. Little football on the field, a lot of struggles and falls of football players.

7 minutes Till served from a free-kick, but Sklar instead of hitting the ball hit Bartulovich.

4 minutes Till beat the defender, but the cross was interrupted by another Ingulets player.

2 minutes. Vorskla with the ball.


On Sunday, February 21st, the match of the 15th round of the Ukrainian Premier League will take place, in which Ingulets will host Vorskla. The match will take place in Poltava, on the field of the stadium “Vorskla im. Butovsky ”, beginning at 14:00.

The paradox is that due to the unavailability of the stadium in Petrovo, Sergey Lavrinenko’s team will become the owner of the stadium of their own rival for more than 90 minutes. It was in Poltava that the teams held the first face-to-face match in history, which ended with a comfortable victory for Yuriy Maksimov’s wards – 2: 0.

It is “Vorskla” that is the favorite in the formally away match for itself. And it’s not even about native grass, but about the fact that this season Poltava residents have real chances to compete for prizes. Now “Vorskla” is the fifth, and 5 points separate them from the third place, which is not an insoluble problem. In addition, in the offseason, the team noticeably strengthened its position with qualified performers: Giorgi Tsitaishvili, Luizao, Amilcar Kodjovi, Bradley De Neuer and Olivier Till.

“Ingulets” has been replenished with Denis Vasin. It is noteworthy that the forward came just from Vorskla, and therefore it is not yet clear whether he will be able to play in this match. In addition, in the upcoming game, Sergey Lavrinenko will not be able to count on the injured Andrey Semenko and Denis Yanakov.

In the previous round, the away team from Petrovy lost to Dnipro-1 – 0: 2, while away Vorskla drew with Lviv “Rukh” – 1: 1. will hold a text broadcast of the match “Ingulets” – “Vorskla”.

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