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Scented hedge®, Easydendron®, Bloombux® and Happydendron® – these are the special rhododendrons from INKARHO®.


In the current year, the INKARHO once again a breath of fresh air on the green market. The crowd favorite Bloombux recently got the long-awaited addition in a second color, because with the new one Bloombux Magenta Inkarho GmbH expanded the color palette of its bestseller.

Bloombux Pink and Bloombux Magenta – popular, flowering boxwood alternatives

Bloombux Magenta not only impresses with its darker, narrow foliage, but above all with a more intense, magenta-colored bloom. With its red sepals, which are shown in great abundance on the ornamental wood, the new Bloombux sets strong accents. Like the previous Bloombux Pink, Bloombux Magenta is a real root and lime tolerants Inkarho-Rhododendronthat thrives on almost any humus-rich garden soil. Above all, the boxwood look and the high disease and pest tolerance as well as the absolute winter hardiness make the Bloombux an extremely popular alternative to boxwood. While others Boxwood alternatives need additional protection in strong frosts, the evergreen varieties Bloombux Pink and Bloombux Magenta get through the cold season very well. Both varieties are Frost hardy to approx. -24 ° C and have been able to withstand severe winters in mountain regions or in Scandinavia since they were launched on the market. Both the Bloombux packaging and the PoS materials are designed in a striking modern look. Visually, both types stand out with their distinctive design and enable retailers to design the sales area in a striking corporate design. A well thought-out marketing concept with extensive press work communicates the positive properties of the blooming and cut compatible Bloombux. In 2021, 21 million consumers have been reached through publications in garden, living and lifestyle magazines. Bloombux’s TV presence also increased significantly in 2021. Robust breeding was a popular topic in articles on rbb and BR, for example. The interplay of good growth characteristics, the unique blooms and the sophisticated PR campaign sets the course for another successful year for Inkarho. In addition, there is a presence in social media. “That arouses curiosity and creates demand,” says Ralf Lüttmann, Managing Director of Inkarho.

Simply happy – The Happydendron

The Happydendron Pushy Purple is colorful, modern and multifaceted. The Happydendron variety convinces with an extraordinary, three-colored flower, which is unique in the rhododendron range with its strong contrasts. The shows between May and June Rhododendron Happydendron its three-colored flower with an intense, purple-lilac edge, a snow-white interior and a bright yellow center. At the PoS, the Happydendron impresses with its eye-catching design with a colorful label and purple-colored, printed pot. In order to communicate the benefits of the entire Happydendron concept, attention was paid to a modern design that conveys a carefree, happy lifestyle. A well thought-out marketing concept with extensive press work communicates the positive properties of the `Happydendron`. In 2021, 15 million readers of women’s and garden magazines were targeted in this way. In 2022, the brand will go one better and expand its reach in the media.

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Double the pleasure of the senses with the Inkarho scented hedge

Easy to cut and easy to care for, paired with a delicate color and a pleasant scent – with these properties, the scented hedge has firmly established itself on the market. The secret of the Inkarho scented hedge lies underground: the nature of the roots allows it to grow even in calcareous soils. As a hedge that is easy to care for and extremely easy to cut, the scented hedge quickly forms a dense, evergreen, blooming privacy screen that blooms profusely in May and June. At the point of sale, the Inkarho scented hedge shows its modern side. The strong properties of the fragrant rhododendron are communicated through the large label and the purple-anthracite-colored pot with floral graphics. In addition to the pot, attractive POS material points to the lavishly blooming Inkarho scented hedge and helps to increase sales in this segment. The interest of consumers in the genuine Inkarho scented hedge is also supported by a press campaign in the relevant consumer media. There were around 9 million contacts through these channels last year. “That arouses curiosity and creates demand,” says Ralf Lüttmann.

Refreshingly uncomplicated – Easydendron

At the Easydendron The name says it all: Easydendron is a group of rhododendron hybrids that are refined on the well-known lime-tolerant INKARHO base. This means that Easydendrons can be planted on many garden soils with little effort, because the refined rhododendrons convince with their health and winter hardiness. Easydendron is also an eye-catcher as a solitaire in a bucket. On the sales area, the Easydendron varieties are easy to recognize in the eye-catching, dark red pot with modern flower graphics and a generous picture label in a striking design with enough space for photo, name and information. Over 30 different varieties make up almost the whole Variety of colors the rhododendron: from strong violet to an impulsive red to bright pink. Yellow, white, orange and bluish varieties are also part of the program. The noble hybrids are characterized by their extremely healthy leaves and good number of buds.

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