Home News Inmate commits suicide in the Allier

Inmate commits suicide in the Allier

The 30-year-old prisoner died on Thursday at the Moulin-Yzeure prison. He had been imprisoned there since the day before, according to a penitentiary source.

A 30-year-old prisoner committed suicide Thursday at the Moulins-Yzeure prison in the Allier, where he had been locked since the previous day, according to a penitentiary source.

"It was not his first incarceration on the establishment and no suicidal impulse had been detected by the staff," said the source on Sunday, confirming information from the regional daily The mountain.

The supervisors practiced first aid. The detainee was found unconscious in his cell during the distribution of meals Thursday late morning. The supervisors practiced unsuccessfully first aid and a cardiac massage, according to the same source.


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