Innovative Startups in Toulon: Angelaw, C2Care, Ecofhair, Egerie, Gardenlab, Mini Green Power, Swello, and Tecmoled

Angelaw, the legaltech that automates contract management

Angelaw was born from a new model of triple shareholding by Pierre Marchès, serial entrepreneur from Toulon, the business law firm August Debouzy and the corporate startup studio 321Founded. The idea? To offer start-ups and SMEs that do not have a legal department, AI software capable of creating tailor-made contracts. Angelaw’s technology is based on a machine learning model derived from the expertise and contractual experience of the law firm August Debouzy.

Employment contracts, general conditions of sale, legal notices… The startup delivers automated and tailor-made assistance to draft, negotiate, analyze and centralize all legal documentation. Note: Angelaw offers its services free of charge to very small businesses and start-ups, which in turn allows it to supply data to Angelaw’s artificial intelligence.

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C2Care, world leader in therapies by exposure to virtual reality

C2Care was created in 2015 in Sanary-sur-Mer. The start-up has conquered the Therapies by Exposure to Virtual Reality (TERV) market with its software covering a multitude of mental pathologies (anxiety disorders, addictions, eating disorders, etc.). Immersion also provides access to relaxation, neurological assessment, functional rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation. Using a 3-dimensional helmet and a psychologist, auditory and visual stimuli are projected to confront the patient with everyday anxiety-provoking situations and help him overcome them.

C2Care now works in collaboration with 22 University Hospital Centers and also offers its device to individuals as part of therapeutic support.

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Ecofhair creates depolluting solutions from recycled hair

Ecofhair is a company with a mission specializing in the recycling of hair for depolluting applications. Its innovation lies in the collection of hair from hairdressing salons and individuals, through the association Coiffeurs Justes. A kilo of hair is capable of retaining up to six or eight liters of pollutants. Ecofhair has therefore developed a first product for ports and pleasure boats, the Capisorb kit.

Hair “sausages” which will equip the holds of the boats and collect the losses of oils and hydrocarbons in order to reduce water pollution. These tubes can also be installed in the bunkering areas of the ports, as is the case in Cavalaire or in the Old Port of Marseille. Thomas Sprend, the founder of the startup, is currently thinking about terrestrial application fields for his products.

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Egerie, the Toulon-based cyber risk scale-up

Scale-up winner of the 2023 Hypergrowth Trophies for the South region, Egerie has developed technology that allows managers to understand and assess the cyber risk weighing on their various businesses, and to precisely calculate the return on investment. actions taken to mitigate this risk. The platform takes into account each corrective action and automatically recalculates the new level of risk, and in particular its cost.

Leader in Europe in the field of cybersecurity, Egerie has more than 300 customers in 90 countries, including Veolia, Orange and Accenture. The startup has just raised 30 million euros from a pool of investors specializing in cybersecurity and insurance.

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Gardenlab rethinks loyalty programs with NFTs

This Web3 startup is aimed at companies that want to create NFTs of all kinds: promotional coupons, rewards, affiliations, tickets for events… Gardenlab takes care of all the technological aspects and develops smart contracts that implement the functionalities of NFT. They are then designed and then integrated on the blockchain.

A seductive asset for Generations Y, Z and Alpha, always looking for new experiences and gamification, NFTs give a facelift to loyalty programs, of which a study by Mckinsey reminds us that 58% of customers do not use them.

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Mini Green Power recovers local waste into clean energy

Created in June 2014, Mini Green Power recovers solid waste from companies and communities into clean, profitable, local and low-carbon energy. With the aim of energy self-sufficiency, the company offers integrated solutions based on the pyrogasification of biomass – associated with high-performance command and control and a big data solution – in order to properly valorize locally available and often extremely economical resources.

Mini Green Power plants offer the best emission levels by generating little dust, little nitrogen oxide and little carbon monoxide. The company also avoids greenhouse gas emissions related to the transport of waste and its burial since it sources it in a short circuit, as close as possible to its customers.

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Swello, the social media management solution Made in Toulon

The Toulon nugget supports more than 110,000 communicators including 600 major groups in their Social Media strategy. Swello offers a complete and intuitive platform, which enabled it to win the call for tenders launched by the French State in 2021 to help ministries better manage their presence on social networks. Monitoring, analysis, programming, image editor, editorial calendar… The platform has been designed for freelancers as well as for start-ups, SMEs, agencies or large groups. It currently employs ten people.

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Tecmoled, an innovative sensor from MedTech

Founded in 2019, Tecmoled develops products and technologies in the e-health sector, and in particular a smart, connected and non-intrusive sensor. The idea of ​​Oxyflex germinated at the birth of a premature baby, covered with cables and sensors. Oxyflex is a wireless sensor, connected, small and easy to place on different parts of the body. It allows to measure up to 9 vital signs live on the application.

The device finds a large number of fields of application: in very congested emergency areas of hospitals where the wait can be very long, for medical follow-up at home at any age, to offer more freedom of movement to patients within hospitals and relieve the workload of doctors and nurses. In Toulon, where the startup is based, the French Navy also uses Oxyflex to measure the vital constants of sailors.

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