Inselrat on Mallorca pays 100 euros a month so that young people can move out of their homes

While in Germany many young people move out shortly after their 18th birthday, the Spaniards often live with their parents over 30. In Mallorca, there are certainly reasons that lie outside of family affection. Rents are high and wages are low. So that the nestlings can now move out, the island council wants one pay a monthly subsidy to young people.

98 percent of salary Pau Muñoz, head of the family department, has calculated that the young people pay for the rent. In the case of a mortgage, it is still 85 percent (insofar as you even know the initial costs when buying an apartment can lift). On Monday (November 21st), the authority therefore presented the subsidy, which is to be officially decided on Wednesday.

The conditions of the grant

This provides 1,200 euros per year to pay. Older people are eligible for this between 18 and 34 yearswho no longer live with their parents or with other family members. The money is though not intended for rent. The beneficiaries must prove how they spent the 100 euros per month. Another condition is that Annual salary not more than 24,000 euros lies.

The island council grants one million euros for the project in the budget. 800 people can then receive the subsidy. It is not yet clear when and where the help can be requested. However, it can be assumed that the budget will be used up within a short time.

Rental assistance from the Balearic Government

There are subsidies for rent from the Balearic government. This help must be requested by December 15th. Up to 3,000 euros per year are possible as long as the rent does not exceed 900 euros per month. The difficulty lies in finding such a cheap apartment at all. /rp