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The respiration cycles and photosynthesis of plants make them great allies for reconnect with the nutrients of the earth and with essential energies that help us calm our central nervous system.

The ancestral periods of work and rest limited to the solar cycle, were not only a guideline for human behavior, but also established a symbiotic relationship with the life cycles of plants. Their breathing, growth and nutrition connect with human activities beyond cultivation and exploitation.

Plants are allies that can live in symbiosis with human well-being if you are willing to explore their properties.

“They are living and sentient beings that not only absorb the minerals from the earth to transmit them to us, but also the energy of the sun and the moon. And they are shared with us every time we drink them, ”explains Laura Cahnspeyer Carvajal, founder of Munay, a Colombian project dedicated to understanding and promoting the wisdom of plants and herbal teas.

With more than ten years of experience exploring the benefits of plants, and with close approaches to Tibetan, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Andean and Amazonian medicine, Cahnspeyer deeply believes in the communication that plants have with us, especially when sharing healing experiences with them.
Although he assures that “Plants are not medicines”, because they do not go to a specific point of the organism, she is convinced that when entering the human body they “work holistically.”

This healing work can have a greater incidence in a time when the collective energy is loaded with heavy emotions, such as anguish, anxiety and stress; also associated with the strong presence of electronic devices in our home environments, which are now also our work environments.

“This is a very good time because it is a space where we can closely observe how we are, choose not to be distracted and improve our well-being through this change in habits, and also integrate plants as allies in this change,” he explains. the specialist.

One of the keys to start exploring aromatic plants is to understand that it is not enough just to know how to prepare and drink them, but it is necessary to implement a series of progressive changes in our habits, from prioritizing self-care and improving the food we eat, going through sleeping well, having a conscious sexuality and promoting spaces of silence and physical exercise.

It is about looking for “food drink, food thought, food word and food radiation, because we really choose what to nurture our senses. It is also what we choose to see, how many hours we want to expose ourselves ”, explains Cahnspeyer.

Herbal teas for calm

An important step to start sharing healing with plants is to explore the traditional knowledge inherited from mothers and grandmothers. Another vital element is in the exploration of the “humble” plants, as Cahnspeyer calls them, which are easily available in nearby market places and supermarkets.

“They offer a number of virtues that are very close to food and have virtually no side effects.” So that these side effects do not manifest is important to prepare them well and to know the schedules of the day when they are most beneficial for our body.



It is a balsam plant and is the key to relax and relax the nervous system central. It provides tranquility and helps us sleep more calmly. It is recommended to take an infusion after five in the afternoon.

Although, according to Cahnspeyer, it is necessary to program to rest, “you can take a lemon balm and it will take effect, but if later you are going to see a super-aggressive series, it will lose its benefits.”



Key to relieving the stomach, although its benefits are subject to a very nutritious and light diet. “It is another super ally, it is another balm. It does not necessarily induce sleep, but it does refresh“Says Munay specialist. It is very versatile and can be infused throughout the day.


It is a plant that helps deflate and achieve the sensation of relaxation. One of its benefits is that it increases defenses and strengthens the immune system. One way to prepare it with relaxing effects is to mix it with black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and boil it with milk and a little panela.

Moringa and green tea


A good option for energize the body and mind, without overstimulating ityou. They can replace some cups of coffee during the day. It is important to consume very good quality green tea and drink it in the early hours of the morning. Moringa can be taken until before four in the afternoon.

Proper preparation and botanical healing

For plants to share with us all their virtues, through its essential oils and nutrientsCookware, receptacles, and prep time are essential. Cahnspeyer suggests some considerations:

1. Heat the water alone up to a point before boiling. Then add a tablespoon of aromatics to a cup (hopefully ceramic, clay or glass) and pour the water into it. Then strain and serve.

2. Avoid plants to remain in the preparation for more than five minutes, because over time, they activate their defense mechanisms (acrid flavors), which change the initial intention of the infusion.

3. Include valerian sparingly to the preparations. It’s good scratch the root just a little and include it in the mixture, but do not include the entire stem as it produces a soroche effect the next day.

4. Avoid sweetening the infusions after five in the afternoon, as sugar is a stimulant. If there is throat clearing, it can be sweetened with a very small portion of honey.



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