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What to Know

  • Candies See’s has the busiest day of year onFeb 13, located in South San Francisco, the day before Valentine’s Day
  • This starts making their sweet hearts covered with chocolate after Christmas, and generates thousands of thousands in a few months.
  • While many of San Francisco’s South factory are automated, some candies are generated manually as they stayed in the 1920s.

While there are no oompa loompas, delicious chocolate rivers or eternal gobstoppers inside of Candies’ See factory in South San Francisco, it is still a site loaded with mystical magic.

Like Willy Wonka’s delicious chocolate factory, Seeys rarely provides tours to the public. But as the business prepares to commemorate its 100th anniversary, a tiny handful of “golden tickets” were administered to press reporters, and we were also among the lucky couple.

Our trip took place a few weeks before the busiest day of the year to see: the day before Valentine’sDay With laser precision, robot cookie cutters were destroying circles and rectangular shapes usually shrinking the hearts – small ones and also huge ones. ones – as sharp bathtubs put on their sweet dinners filled a secret recipe from the 2 huge kitchen areas.

Our guide for tourists was not Wonka, but the ideal point was following it. Bob McIn was a manufacturing supervisor with See for 23 years. It is always in vain, and also identifies the names of each belt, wheel and roller in the stainless steel manufacturer that does not believe delicious chocolate chocolate as well as mixtures of nuts, lotions and sugar, finishing them in a glossy, perfect envelope that covers it. breaks when you enter into it.

“This is a licking roller right here,” says McIn medal with a cuckle, showing a widget that delicious chocolate sets into the latest base of See’s product, heart butter dark chocolate flour.

In an area where 2 football areas can be lowered quickly, candies travels through strong delicious chocolate liquor drafts, after which cooling corridors strengthen the finishing, followed by larger chocolate, drained of 50,000 extra pound containers. The delicious smell of this delicious chocolate – which provides a vessel vehicle from Guittard’s delicious chocolate manufacturer in Burlingame– has been installed on all its spaces and cranny, and also floats into the upstairs office.

Walking around the last air-conditioned passage, McInts takes our interest in the shape of cardboard rectangular shapes at the end of the assembly line.

“The only purpose of this (cardboard sheet) is to be able to pick up the candy from the zone and put it in a box,” he said with a recognizable smile. “Remember the program Love I Love Lucy? ”

Amongst the most demanding minutes were Lucy rarely trying to stick private candies and planning them on an automatic racing transport zone – packing them correctly in her hat, costume and mouth. By enabling candies workers to lift loads every time, mention McIn coins, these cardboard friendly items can be avoided that safe logic of food and security is happening.

There has been a great transformation done a lot because these days are “I Love Lucy,” something is not yet there: See the bonuses that are immersed in hand.

“This goes back to the days of the 1920s,” says McIn medal. “And this is how we made each of our corners – they were hand rolled.” T

In a quiet space near the busy, there are six workers – most of years experience – extremely gentle wearing little swellings, one by one, in cozy fondant cozy pots. With a flick of the hand, they grip the sweet with a bent tool, set it on a tray, and draw a top on the top with the fondant ball – made in one fast movement. Within secs, the sweet solidifies.

Each sweet on the top has its own one-to-type style, mention McIn base.

“See’s ‘S’ is at the pink one,” he said, and also, “This is really an art form. ”

Founded in 1921 in Los Angeles with Mary See sweet dishes, See’s Candies is currently located in Southern San Francisco, with over 200 retailers across the UNITED STATES and also




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