“Inside the Overcrowded Jail of San José Station: A Gruesome Tale of Terrorist Outrage and Inhumane Conditions”

A room four meters wide by four meters deep, with a single door where daylight barely peeks out and designed to house about six people, today it holds more than 100 prisoners waiting for their judicial situation to be defined. . so is the jail of the San José Station, which was remodeled as a result of the outrage terrorist of 2018, executed by the Eln and in which 6 uniformed officers perished and there were more than 40 wounded.

It looks like a hammock building inside the small site, with these men where the age range or the crime they committed does not matter, because they are piled up, facing several sentences at the same time. It is not only being detained, they go through another ordeal which is being overcrowded.

EL HERALDO took a tour of this space and in dialogue with several of the inmates they narrated that there are many of them sick: one presents HIVhay sick of tuberculosisothers suffer from allergies and rashes on the skin.