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The Hon. William Wall – Bar im Hudson

“Ten minutes after jumping on a speedboat at North Cove Marina at Dock F in Battery Park City, we arrived at the Honorable William Wall floating clubhouse Hudson slipped past.

I was so enchanted by the New York skyline on one side and Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty on the other that I couldn’t think of anything – neither about work nor that it was only Wednesday.

The ‘Willy Wall’ was previously reserved for members of the Manhattan Sailing Club but has now been opened to non-members. You should take advantage of that! Since the bar and clubhouse are only open from May to October in summer, secure your tickets online.

Visitors can bring their own dinner, and the bar on the second floor has beer, wine, and cocktails between six and eight dollars.

During the three hours we were in vacation mode – we watched the yachts and relaxed as the sun set over Jersey. Did we really get all of this on one tour for only $ 18? What an amazing deal! “

The Hon.William Wall, North Cove Marina, Dock F, Battery Park City, Manhattan, Tuesday through Friday 5:30 pm to 9:45 pm and Saturday 3:00 pm to 9:45 pm

Text und Bild: Diane Hanley, Spotted by Locals New York


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