Insights on German consumer behavior in the summer of 2023: eBay Ads’ “Summer Shopping Report 2023” highlights increased demand for summer activities on eBay and provides retailers with opportunities to benefit from the additional demand by targeting five distinctive summer types with eBay ads.



The new “Summer Shopping Report 2023” from eBay Ads provides insights into the purchasing behavior of German consumers in the summer of 2023. Because they are now increasingly buying products for their summer activities on eBay. How retailers can benefit from the additional demand.

Sun, beach and relaxation: Germans are looking forward to the summer of 2023 with great anticipation. German consumers have long since started planning their individual summer activities. Since the beginning of April 2023, the demand for summer products on has been increasing across numerous categories. This is the result of the current “Summer Shopping Report 2023”, for which eBay Ads evaluated purchasing behavior on from April 1 to 21, 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

With the report, eBay Ads provides retailers and brands with an important indicator for adapting their advertising measures with eBay ads to the increased consumer demand in summer 2023 and to benefit from current buying behavior. As lucrative target groups, they should keep an eye on five summer types in their campaigns, which will ensure a boost in demand on The five defining types in the summer of 2023 are the “flyers”, “outdoor fans”, “vanlife lovers”, “beach lovers” and “staycationers”.

Holiday trips abroad: The “away-by plane” lures wanderlust

There’s no quicker way: this summer, many Germans are going abroad again by plane. The so-called “way fliers” love to reach the most exotic regions of the world in just a few hours. Package tours in particular (plus 70 percent) are very much in vogue here. But the packing list is long: For a relaxed flight to distant countries, they are now buying new luggage tags (plus 115 percent). In addition, adapter plugs (up 70 percent), first-aid kits (up 60 percent), suitcases (up 20 percent) and money belts (up 20 percent) are in demand. The most popular travel destinations on are Krakow (plus 100 percent), Tenerife (plus 90 percent), Budapest (plus 70 percent) and Bali (plus 55 percent) on the wish list.

buying behavior
The purchasing behavior of Germans in the summer of 2023. (Graphic: eBay Ads)

Purchasing behavior: The “outdoor fans” are on the move

Hiking, climbing, cycling: “Outdoor fans” are drawn outside in summer to recover from everyday life with sporting activities in the fresh air. For example, you can perfectly relax while hiking. They are already equipping themselves with new hiking equipment for their tours planned for summer (a 100 percent increase in demand compared to the previous year). There are also GPS devices (up 65 percent), trekking backpacks (up 50 percent) and hiking maps (up 10 percent). But the “outdoor- fans already have the right products on

Buying behavior: The “Vanlife-Lovers” relax in their mobile home

Simple, uncomplicated and close to nature: Camping is very trendy in Germany. In particular, the individual lifestyle in your own camper van has attracted more and more “van life lovers” who are preparing their mobile homes for the coming summer with the appropriate equipment. Essential van equipment such as B. Tank canisters (plus 275 percent), inverters (plus 160 percent), air heaters (plus 115 percent), first-aid kits (plus 115 percent) and compressor refrigerators (plus 30 percent) are experiencing a corresponding boom on .

Crazy about the sea: The “beach lovers” are hot for a beach holiday

Sunbathing, snorkeling and relaxing in the warm sand: For the “beach lovers” there is nothing better in summer! For a stylish look on the promenade and a pain-free walk into the water on the pebble beach, you now have to wear the right footwear, e.g. B. Flip-flops (up 50 percent) and beach shoes (up 20 percent). If you’re not bathing, you can’t miss out on having fun on the water. Products such as surfboards (plus 100 percent) and sailing accessories (plus 65 percent) are very popular with “beach lovers”. For targeted planning, they are also increasingly using travel guides for the most beautiful beaches in Turkey (up 50 percent), Sardinia (up 45 percent), Sicily (up 30 percent) and Portugal (up 20 percent).

Buying behavior: The “staycationers” make themselves beautiful at home

The “staycationers” don’t feel like traveling stress this summer. They prefer to stay at home and unwind in the garden or on the balcony. And it is precisely these domestic oases that are bringing them into shape so that they can really enjoy the summer there. On new seating such as lounge furniture (plus 200 percent) and balcony furniture (plus 40 percent), you can of course relax twice as much. For undisturbed moments of relaxation, they cover themselves with new privacy screens (plus 70 percent) and garden fences (plus 60 percent). And the right summer feeling is created with chic garden decorations (plus 90 percent) and new outdoor speakers (plus 225 percent).

“Due to the increased demand from consumers across all categories, the 2023 summer season offers retailers and brands an ideal opportunity to further push their sales,” says Arnaud Valion, Director of Central Europe Advertising GTM at eBay Ads. “The ads from eBay Ads, which can be scaled at short notice, offer valuable support. With them, sellers are immediately able to efficiently increase the visibility of their offers. And to set yourself apart from the competition for growing sales success with all five summer types.”

Buying behavior: Target all summer types with eBay ads

The increased demand for products in the summertime opens up particularly great potential for the marketing of dealers and brands. These can be efficiently exploited with eBay Ads. From the “flyers” and “outdoor fans” to the “vanlife lovers” to the “beach lovers” and “staycationers”. With ads from eBay, this surge in demand can be used directly to boost your own business. The “eBay Ads Marketing Calendar 2023” offers an overview of other relevant purchase occasions, events and shopping peaks that retailers and brands should use as important marketing moments for themselves.

eBay Ads supports dealers* and brands with targeted advertising solutions in expanding their business success on the global online marketplace eBay. With over 25 years of expertise in e-commerce, eBay Ads supports the development of effective channel, target group and media strategies. Based on the data from millions of daily user journeys, eBay Ads has insights into buying behavior and thus finds the perfect target groups. (sg)

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