News Inspections are taking place at Lansing apartments

Inspections are taking place at Lansing apartments


REDUCTION, MI. (WILX) – Capitol Village Apartments have been updated at News 10.

During the weekend, residents were notified, requiring inspections to take account of code compliance issues that would take place on Monday, 13th January.

The company managing Capitol Village and Autumn Ridge is heading back to Lansing City after the city has placed code-breaking pink tags in all complexes.

Last week, more residents came home to get pink ads on their doors and mixed messages from management.

Lansing code compliance launched announcements at Autumn Ridge Apartments and Townhomes on Monday, January 6, 2020, telling tenants that they must be out by the end of the month.

The owners claim that it is a mistake.

So tenants do not know whether they should be making plans to move out at the end of the month, as the pink tags warn them, or if it is a big misunderstanding such as the owners' demand.

The tenants including Rachel Clark are not sure exactly what they can and can't do.

"We have one side of the story and we have another side of the story and we don't know who we believe or listen to," she said.

All Clark knows that she cannot retire early.

"I don't want to deal with this anymore. I'm dealing with it since I moved in. I thought it was a nice place to live, and it's, but I'm tired of being sick."

Tuesday, a Capitol parent received a letter of letter claiming that the rent would be paid just under threat of eviction.

But he told us when he checked with the office that he was told he had no money.

News 10 has not heard of any rent claims over it at the Autumn Ridge and the people are not living there.

The inhabitants say that they think it is strange that they even do it.

"This is a little surprise. If you can't keep it up with a code, why should we pay you?" Stephanie Temple, resident at Ringashel, said.

"They are not legally designed to charge people money now because it is not legally safe to live in those buildings now," says Clark.

The city says the same thing.

"Residents do not have to pay rent legally when the tag is pink," said Valerie Marchand, Speaking of the City. "There is information on the tag about how they can look outside the council and learn more about their rights."

The Autumn Ridge has red tags, according to the tenants, which means that no one can live in these apartments.

The city said the phones are calling back from the tenants considering whether they will lose their homes.

They say that they have worked with the two complexes for months now to resolve issues.

"We have been working with these complexes since then in early May, and have not adhered to any of the outstanding issues we asked them to correct," said Scott Sanford, Enforcement Division. Lansing Code.

Sanford said that the last thing the city wants to do is to put people off and their main goal is to keep tenants safe.

"These are all safety issues and must be addressed and what we are trying to enforce," said Sanford.
Over 800 apartments were tagged between the Autumn Ridge and Capitol Village, and the first thing the tenant wants in both complexes is that they do not have to leave their apartments.

"When there are issues that have not been resolved in a timely manner they must be out there when ticking – they have to put out the pink slips, they must make sure that the owners of the property understand that the city is serious. ensure that the Lansing people have safe and adequate housing, "said Carol Wood, a member of the council in general.

Sanford stated that the pink slips are legal notices that warn apartment tenants that they are living in a property not up to a code.

The Mayor Schor said that the slips mean that the apartment complex cannot lease out any vacant units.

"It enables tenants to have some rights, such as paying for the escrow, rather than paying rent, and he says that we expect these properties to be built to the code," Schor said.

In most cases, an escrow account usually works with the court system. When you pay into escrow, you may get your money back depending on how bad the problems are and how long it takes the landlord to sort out these problems.

This is a news story that is developing, WILX News 10 is working to find out more about this story, and will update it as more information becomes available.

Stay with News 10 and as we follow this story. Renew your page to make sure you are checking the latest information.

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