Inspiring young people for MINT: face-to-face offers and online materials

27.06.2022 10:50

Inspiring young people for MINT: face-to-face offers and online materials

In the past few months, schoolchildren have been able to embark on a journey into the research world of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. The universities of Salzburg, Linz and Passau as well as Salzburg Research offered experiments and workshops as extracurricular learning venues that complement the lessons, promote talent and provide insights into the everyday work of researchers. Numerous materials and videos are available online.

In the cross-border INTERREG project “Setting up a network of MINT Learning Centers”, MINT offers for secondary school students were created. Local STEM learning centers were set up and expanded, and extracurricular STEM learning resources were developed. The results are now available online.

“The MINT funding wants to invite children and young people on a journey into research and get them excited about natural sciences and technology in the long term,” says Arne Bathke, Dean of the Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences at the University of Salzburg.

“Through exciting mediation formats, the participants get to know the diverse training opportunities and discover new professional fields – an important investment in the future,” says Siegfried Reich, Managing Director of the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft.

Researchers as role models

What is research? How does one actually become a researcher? In numerous videos, scientists provide insights into their educational biographies and everyday research with all its challenges and success stories. In addition, especially for the target group of girls, numerous women in companies from various technical sectors show their area of ​​responsibility and their career in the natural sciences.

STEM material collection

The universities of Salzburg, Linz and Passau as well as the non-university research institute Salzburg Research make a rich collection of freely accessible MINT materials available online. Instructions, videos, applets, workshop templates and much more are available in various subject areas for different school levels.

Extensive offer in the last week of school

In the last week of school, the participating institutions offer a large virtual and on-site offer for school classes.

About STEM Learning Center

In the EU-funded INTERREG project “Building a network of MINT Learning Centers” (Project AB307), from January 2020 to June 2022, MINT offers for secondary school students were created in a cross-border cooperation. Local STEM learning centers were set up and expanded, and extracurricular STEM learning resources were developed and evaluated. Existing initiatives should be supplemented and the motivation and skills of learners in the MINT field should be increased through targeted focus formation and individual promotion of interests.
Project partners: Johannes Kepler University Linz (project management), University of Salzburg, University of Passau and Salzburg Research. MINT Learning Center was supported by funds from the INTERREG Bavaria-Austria 2014-2020 funding program with co-financing from the state of Salzburg.

Award-winning MINT:labs Science City Itzling

One of the local initiatives further developed in the INTERREG project is the Salzburg “MINT:labs Science City Itzling”. Salzburg Research is working with the University of Salzburg to develop new STEM teaching formats. School classes and individual students between the 7th and 10th grades were able to immerse themselves in the world of natural sciences and technology in direct contact with researchers. With a pilot project funded by the city of Salzburg, the gradual expansion of the offer at the location began in 2019. Thanks to the EU-funded INTERREG project, the regular workshops on the so-called “MINTweek” (one Wednesday a month) have been expanded. Due to the Corona-related change from face-to-face appointments to online appointments, the universities of Linz and Passau were also able to contribute more to the content of the Salzburg offer. The “MINT:labs Science City Itzling” project was awarded the Kulturfonds Prize by the City of Salzburg in 2020. The prize honors the work of the interdisciplinary team led by the two initiators Arne Bathke (Paris Lodron University of Salzburg) and Siegfried Reich (Salzburg Research) as well as the coordinators Julia Eder (Salzburg Research) and Marlene Ernst (PLUS).

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