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Instagram is in no rush to offer a native iPad app. The company seems to have other plans.

Most of applications mobiles are designed and designed to be used on the “small” screens of our smartphones. And it’s a good thing. That being said, tablets share the same app stores as phones and an app made for a small screen and often barely when viewed on a larger screen. Some make the effort to adapt, sometimes going as far as offering a dedicated native application. Others don’t. For Instagram, it would seem let it be no.

With WhatsApp who apparently has an iPad app in development, should we expect the same to be true with other Facebook apps? With Instagram? In 2020, the CEO of Instagram explained why there was then no iPad app. And if you were hoping that the situation could evolve, especially now that a WhatsApp application is about to arrive on the tablet of the Apple brand, you will have to give yourself a reason.

At least that’s what Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announces, taking up more or less the same reasons as those put forward last year. When asked why there is no Instagram app for iPad, Adam Mosseri replies: “I spent some time on an iPad when I was on the plane but there was still no iPad app for Instagram. It would be nice to do but there is still a lot to do and not enough people, it has never been done. “

So it would seem that Instagram could indeed consider embarking on the creation of an iPad application but this is currently clearly not on the priority list. In addition, Instagram has already made a number of changes, such as allowing users to post from the desktop. So it’s clear that mobile isn’t their only center of attention, so why not a native iPad app?

That being said, we don’t know Instagram’s roadmap in detail. In any case, don’t expect to see such an application land anytime soon.

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