Instagram Algorithm Update

Information that should be noted for all communication and web marketing managers: this novelty about the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram: adapting to exist tomorrow

Instagram continues to update its interface.

In order to continue as an essential platform for the distribution of content to creators, an announcement of Instagram algorithm update was posted a few days ago.

Nothing revolutionary, but something to take into account all the same.

Based on the thinking leading to this update: the use made of broadcasts. Many accounts pick up and share posts made by other accounts. And so other creators.

The update of which what is at issue here is relative to the concept of originality so.

Make the original post a holy grail of organic reach.

Smarteking articles on Instagram

Instagram Algorithm Update

The most telling is perhaps still to rely on this extract. From the statement released by Instagram boss Adam Mosseri: « If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you share something you found from someone else.«

So we can well imagine what happens next. Instagram accounts that create content and publish it directly will therefore be awarded a higher “diffusibility” score.

The goal is to encourage creators to continue in this direction. Instead of sharing, re-sharing and re-re-re-sharing existing content.

And what about the consequences?

Note that if you are used to taking over publications. Posts that you have found here and there, expect your reach to take a hit. Even that it pulls the mouth a little. That’s the game.

The concept of ranking discussed in the statement released by the Instagram team is actually a step of creation of a publication history in order to determine as clearly as possible who is the original and original author of a successful publication.

We bet that the accounts of memes will be delighted with this algorithmic novelty. But not all.

But also

The other novelty, because there is another novelty in addition to the modification of the Instagram algorithm, is the possibility now open to US user accounts to be able to tag a product in a publication. This new feature should therefore be extended to European accounts within a few weeks.

Thus the visitor can click on the identification of a product and go shopping quietly through the Instagram store that is linked to this same product.

Good news for those who have e-commerce business accounts that they promote through publications in situation.


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