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Instagram brings direct messages to the desktop

Instagram may be sending you news in the web version soon. (Photo: Worawee Meepian / Shutterstock)

Instagram's web version is currently slimmed down a bit. This could change soon. The network is testing a web version of its direct messages.

Users may soon be able to send and receive direct messages in the web version of Instagram. Web app developer Jane Manchun Wong discovered the test and shared two screenshots on Twitter showing the new feature:

In December 2017, Instagram tested with Direct a standalone app for news. There has not been a worldwide rollout so far, suggesting that Instagram could not completely decouple its messaging functionality from the actual network. Current tests show that messaging is becoming increasingly important for Instagram. This is also shown by the recently introduced ability to send voice messages to Instagram. Whether and when the new web function for direct messages will be made available to all users is not yet known.

Answer Instagram messages in the Facebook page manager

Another push for Instagram direct news Facebook announced already on 7 February. Site owners can, if they have linked their Facebook page with their Instagram account, answer future Instagram messages via the Facebook postbox.

This feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks for sites from Brazil and the US. For the worldwide rollout, there is still no concrete information.

t3n says:
The private user should rather be less in focus with this feature. Most likely, Instagram will use the web-based messaging feature to target businesses that want to use Instagram even more to connect with their customers. The new feature, when rolled out, should be a huge relief to social media managers and corporate website owners. Cornelia Dlugos

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