Instagram wants to stay competitive with TikTok and has therefore decided to compensate its most popular content creators if they make Reels.

Posted on 23-11-2021 by Esther Buitekant

Instagram follows the movement driven by Youtube and Snapchat

Instagram wants to do everything to prevent TikTok from taking off. But with one billion monthly active users, nothing seems to be stopping the growth of the video sharing app. So not to be left behind, Instagram has decided to encourage its content creators to make ‘Reels’, these increasingly popular short 15-second videos, by paying them. The Meta group’s photo-sharing app (ex Facebook) announced in July that it was considering it, it is now done. A decision that is not unlike those of Youtube, which offers 10,000 dollars per month to those who publish popular videos on Youtube Shorts, and Snapchat, which in turn offers 1,000 to 25,000 dollars to creators who publish on its Spotlight platform.

Variable amounts offered

The group did not detail the amount paid to content creators, nor how this amount was calculated, but various American media obtained details. So according to TechCrunch and Business Insider, Instagram would have offered $ 35,000 to creators whose reels reach 58 million views in one month. An Instagrammer with more than 50,000 followers would have been offered only $ 1,000, while another with only 24,000 followers would have received an offer of $ 8,500 for 9 million views. “We continue to test payments as we roll them out to more creators, and we expect them to fluctuate as we continue to push them,” Instagram said.

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