November 04, 2018 21:45 pm.
      Jessica Newton surprised all her followers on Instagram by publishing a photograph that has been causing alborto on social networks. The organizer of Miss Peru shared a photograph where she completely shows off her body with a sexy bikini. The former queen of beauty has nothing to envy to the young women of 20. The image was accompanied with this description: "I am entertained by the rumors about me, I find out things that I did not know I had done. , is that no matter how much we criticize others, our mistakes always remain the same.Enjoy your life, "wrote Jessica Newton. The photo has more than 2500 likes and hundreds of comments on Instagram. "A pretty lady, warrior woman, only my Jessica", "Queen of queens" and "Regia have a great body", were some of the comments. Jessica Newton is in Miami, United States, with her family so she did not hesitate to share images of her trip.


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