Instagram: Search function should soon be able to deliver better results

The search function of Instagram is traditionally heavily restricted to the use of hashtags and thus in many cases does not provide any meaningful results. Now this should be changed so that the Instagram search will soon show more relevant results for certain inquiries.

As Facebook’s Instagram boss Adam Mosseri explained in a post published yesterday, the aim is to change the search function of the service in such a way that users can search for specific words directly in order to display matching photos and videos in addition to corresponding user accounts and hashtags.
This is what Instagram’s new search function should look like
Mosseri justifies this step with the fact that they want to make it easier for users to discover content on Instagram and to be inspired. In the case of terms like “space”, users should also receive photos and videos on the topic instead of just users and hashtags.

So-called relevance in focus

Apparently, however, no completely free search is planned. Instead, they want to introduce a list of numerous key words that will initially only be available in English. The offer is to be expanded further later. In many cases, users would still not be able to see any photos or videos that match their search query, but only the previously usual, greatly reduced results.

According to Mosseri, Instagram continues to focus primarily on “relevance” in the order and type of search results, so it does not simply deliver the latest results. Instead, in addition to the search term, the accounts and topics that the user frequently visits or that he follows also play a role. There are also other factors such as the number of clicks, likes, shares and followers.

With the innovations in the area of ​​search, Instagram is probably also reacting to the competition from TikTok. Since Instagram is increasingly relying on videos as content and thus releasing its focus on photos, they also have to be made easier to find.

Facebook, video, search, photo, Instagram, search function, search, relevance

Facebook, video, search, photo, Instagram, search function, search, relevance
Adam Mosseri