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Instagram is a very popular social network for bringing out the best of our personality, because through images and videos users can share details of their daily life with their followers and even reach audiences in other countries.

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Over the years, more and more options have been created to customize the profiles of each user, both in their ‘feet’ as well as in the stories and, lately, in the ‘reels’.

One of the options that exist for the name of the profile and the description of the biography look more original is to change the style of the letterSo, although there are a wide variety of sources in the stories, the typography is the same in the case of the name of the profile.

Steps to change the letter in the profile

1. The first thing, according to the Xataka portal, is to choose a font generator that is compatible with Instagram. Some of the most popular are: LingoJam, Meta Tags, Instagram Fonts, and Insta Fonts.

2, Next, you must write the text you want to modify in the tool and see the available typography options. Meta Tags, for example, features a preview of how the feed would look on an Instagram profile.

3. Once the favorite font has been chosen, you must select the text you want to put in the biography and, later, choose the ‘Copy’ option on the phone.

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4. The user has to go to their Instagram profile and select the ‘Edit profile’ option. There, you need to paste, either in the biography or in the name, the phrase or word that you previously copied.

5. Finally, you must click on the confirmation button at the top of the cell phone screen to save the changes.

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