Instagram to Launch New App Competing with Twitter, Based on Decentralized Social Media Protocol

A few weeks ago, some interesting rumors leaked about a new app that Instagram is about to launch: it’s a product that will directly compete with Twitter. Well, during a company meeting, one of Meta’s top executives revealed to employees a preview of this new app, which will be based on Instagram and will integrate with ActivityPub, the decentralized social media protocol . This is an important detail, as it should allow users to bring their accounts and subscribers with them to other apps that support ActivityPub. Chris Cox, CPO of Meta, defined the outgoing app as “our answer to Twitter” at this meeting. He also confirmed that Instagram’s account system will be used to automatically embed a user’s information. Among other things, still Cox, took a dig at Twitter, stating that: “We’ve heard from creators and public figures who want to have a platform that’s soundly managed, that they can trust, and that they can count for distribution, so the company’s goal is to provide security, ease of use, reliability, and to ensure that creators have a stable place to build and grow their audience.” Cox then said that the company is committed to involving certain celebrities in this project, including DJ Slime, Oprah and even the Dalai Lama. As for the timing of the release, the coding of the application has already started in January: Meta will therefore make the software available “as soon as possible”.

2023-06-10 02:58:01

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