Instagram will notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your stories

Instagram, the photo and video social network owned by Meta, will notify its users when someone screenshots the chat.

The intention is to provide the best security and privacy to the entire community that uses Instagram on a daily basis.

This measure is part of the encryption plan in the conversations that Meta will implement in Facebook Messenger, where it will also warn if someone has screenshotted a conversation.

For those who love to go around making screenshots of photos or videos from other accounts to show it to their friends, STOP, you could be discovered. Yes, as you read it, you could be found out and left as a maniacal stalker.

A few days ago, Instagram made an announcement that many of its users did not like, since many would be discovered. Well, the friends of the social network, which is used to share snapshots, videos and make stories for 24 hours, announced that they are testing a new function, which Snapchat made famous.

This function is that the application will immediately notify the user every time a screenshot of your story is made, since they will receive notifications about who has screened their photos or videos in Instagram Stories.

And we assure you that it is not a lie, since millions of people who took a screen seconds before, are and will continue to receive this message: “Screenshots in stories: The next time you take a screenshot or a screen recording, you will find out the person who posted the story.” You see you didn’t believe me.

The same ones that seconds later published on their social networks asking for an explanation, if everyone was receiving that message and in many cases deleting their account for not having the freedom to screenshot in the stories. A social danger.

But only a small percentage of users have this feature, which indicates that it is a pilot or test system, as some call it. Where the few people who have this option can see those who captured their story in the list of those who viewed their story and they will find a little camera shutter next to the contact’s name.

This option can also be done in direct messages, yes, also here, our Instagram friends are somewhat persistent, but yes. So if you record or take a picture of a direct message, the other user will know about it. This will help ensure that the privacy and security policies of network members are taken more carefully, without their being affected by any type of harassment. Source: The FM.