Installation of the president and office of the CCI Nord-Isère

If the office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was installed on November 22, the roadmap of its new president Christophe Carron has not yet been written. And for good reason, “Its strategy is to involve elected officials in order to co-construct its mandate plan which will not be fixed”, indicates Virginie Novotny, Director General of the CCI who specifies, however, that several subjects will be the subject of special attention, such as the defense of the North Isère territory, corporate social responsibility (CSR), support for the latter in their digital transformation, and the renewal of the co-management with the CNR of the concession of the port of Salaise / Sablon which will end in 2023.

Missions that the chamber will carry out despite the 40% drop in its fiscal resources (€ 2.7 million) over the last term, for a budget of € 9 million. The CCI will be able to count on its new team made up of 40 elected officials who have been renewed for half and whose average age is 51 years. During this official installation, the nine members of the Bureau were elected with a first for this ICC: the presence of three women, including two vice-presidents.

The president and company director (NumériK’s group, franchise manager of LDLC and Columbus Café, manager of Juste Ici, a coworking space), should unveil his mandate plan within a few weeks.

© S.So. – The prefect of Isère Laurent Prévost installed the new president Christophe Carron

Members of the Bureau: Pierre-Olivier Boyer, Fabienne Hugues and Hélène Boudet, the vice-presidents. Jean-Paul Coléon treasurer and Thibault Richard assistant treasurer; as well as Gael Plassart, Thierry Delmas, Valérie Robin and Maxime Girard.

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